Recurring vertigo

Recurrent vertigo is a chronic ailment where the person experience frequent recurrent falling or dizzy sensation.

This has got to do with an inbuilt balance system in the body, that goes off key due to a lot of intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Our internal balance system helps us do so many daily physical activities.

Therefore when you become dizzy, this means that your internal balance system might be experiencing some faults.

Did you know that your sense of balance is controlled by your ears, eyes, and your body…. and off course your brain as well.

Recurring vertigo may be caused by…
These are some known cases

–         An infection to your ear or eyes. It could be also be due to strain of the eyes. When you work for long hours in front of the computer you are bound to get eyestrain. Eyestrain can cause vertigo.

–         It could be due to insomnia or lack of sleep. When you don’t sleep well, there is a chance that you might build a culmination of dizzy energy that refuses to wane away.

–         It is also caused due to anxiety, and some kind of negative pressure. Due to this a psychological imbalance causes a physiological imbalance.

–         Lack of essential salts in the body, will make the functioning of the brain go kaput. Also, if a person does not drink enough water, this will cause the body to get dehydrated, and in turn cause chronic “wheeling” sensations.

–         It is also caused due to lack of blood in the body that causes the person to faint regularly

How to get rid of recurring vertigo
Here are some remedies or treatment for recurring vertigo…

–         Avoid taking too much pressure on yourself. Be relaxed always. If you are under some kind of strain personally or professionally, reach out to the right people to bail you out of any emotional turmoil. Remember, ultimately it is people who will help people.

–         Don’t do drugs. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Stay away from high calorie foods that will make you drowsier, and compound your dizziness problems.

–         You need to sleep for about 7-8 hours a day. Make your sleep a sacrosanct aspect of your life.

–         If you are suffering from infections or if you have an anemia problem consult your doctor immediately.

–         Drink plenty of fluids. Include plenty of vegetables in your body.