Piles Problem?

Piles can be a difficult condition to be in. The pricking pain, the burning sensation, uneasiness in the anal region, bleeding can cause exhaustion, stress, tiredness and general sense of discomfort. It also impacts the psyche of a person and hampers with the efficient functioning in day to day matters. It can cause irritation unnecessarily, short temper, impatience, anxiety and restlessness. It can exhaust the mind.

If you have a recurring problem of piles, it may be advisable to seek medical opinion. Sometimes it can be remedied by medication, applying ointments, diet plans or sometimes it may need surgical intervention to prevent further complication or distress.

Homeopathy offers a good solution to the problem of piles. It traces the root problem of the piles and also offers help for the current circumstances. By tracing the root, you can prevent it in future, and the globules and homeopathic medicines can cure your condition too.

Drink plenty of water. It will cool your body and prevent the heat. It may help in reducing the burning sensation in the anal region. Water also helps to soften the stools, and passing stools will be smooth and will not lead to abrasion or friction with the already sensitive area.

Eat food that is rich in dietary fiber and has plenty of roughage content. For example, raw vegetables like tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, boiled beetroot. Avoid eating rice, items prepared in white flour, noodles, pasta or any other items that are difficult to digest or can cause constipation. Eating fruits like banana, oranges and papaya are beneficial. Avoid eating guava or grapes.

Do not eat solid foods. Intake of semi solid food or foods having more liquid content can be helpful. Use yogurt in your food, either in the form of salad or by having a bowl of plain curd. Drinking buttermilk, cold milk or coconut water too will help.

Onions are known to have a curative impact in piles. Add raw chopped onions to yogurt salad or eat raw onion rings.

Rest adequately.