Managing Anxiety in Old Age

If you are somebody who has passed into old age from mid-life experience, then you would have definitely experienced frequent anxiety attacks. These can be based on nearing the human life expectancy mark, health problems, familial problems, or just the plain thought of losing the vitality of a younger age.

Stress in old age can expedite health problems faster. So it is important to add more life to your years, rather than the other way round in this phase of life. The difference between anxiety in a younger age and old age is that, when you were young, anxiety was taken as an experience to counter life’s problems, but in old age, there are not many years ahead to look forward to, to take anything as a learning ‘experience’.

Most people consider old age as the Saturday and Sunday period of their lives. In other words, they feel that they are not entitled to take on any more mental or physical hardships. But in reality, all these things are present up to death. It is just that old age knows how to deal with things better, not that old age should run away from dealing with things.

How to deal with old age anxiety?

Pursue self-actualization
Do things that you have always wanted to do. Fulfill your life’s desires. If you have wanted to be a painter, then pursue that passion full-time. Likewise, you can pursue your dreams of wanting to a writer, an actor etc at old age. You don’t lose anything, by trying or not trying. So go for it!

Keep in touch
Try to call up your school friends, college friends..have a reunion of old buddies. There is no greater joy than that. Always make it a point to celebrate birthdays with family. Attend all family functions and never miss get-togethers. Try to socialize more. You will find the younger generation looking up to your for insights and wisdom. This will make you feel like a king. This is because experience is the real king.

Physical exercise will help you in keeping your mind sharp and energy levels high. It is then you will realize that age is just a number.