How to Reduce Body Ache

Body ache could be caused by variety of factors; the more predominant reasons for them could be stress, sitting in one position for a long time, maintaining poor body postures while sitting or walking, stress due to overtime and extra work, strain due to lack of relaxation and disturbed sleep.

Stress could be a major source of body ache, feeling of tiredness, numb muscles, muscle pain, pain in joints, causing feeling of exhaustion or fatigue.

The body may not really pain but there may be a sensation of low dull persistent ache, tiredness, feeling of listlessness, heaviness and puffiness of legs, feeling that one must just keep lying down, and drowsiness may also be prevalent. You can use a few tips to cope with this condition and reduce the tired feeling.

Water therapy is considered to be a very effective way to combat pain and strain. Taking a relaxed bath in a swimming pool may benefit you. A few laps in the water chills the tensed muscles, improves blood circulation and makes you feel refreshed and light.

A stroll in a beach also can be very relaxing. Either you can stroll on the sand or dip your legs in the water. The cooling sensation in the feet and soles induces a sense of relaxation throughout the body.

Walking bare foot on sand or sitting in a swimming pool with feet dipped in water can reduce strain in muscles and relax nerves. Walking bare foot on grass in a well mowed park early in the morning or at evening can also help, as it has therapeutic effects.

A hot water bath is another effective way to completely relax, de-stress and relieve pain. Splashing your body with hot water or lying on a bath tub with your body fully immersed in it can relieve pain.

Hot compression in areas where the pain is more will also be beneficial. You may use a hot water bag and keep it compressed in the area where the pain is more.

Stretching exercises is another way of reducing the tension in muscles and relaxing it. Progressive relaxation exercises in the neck region, shoulders, back region and legs will reduce ache and induce a relaxed feeling.