How to help your stressed wife

Women are laden with many responsibilities at home as well as workplace. Stress can build up more easily among working women as they have to manage the household as well as the workplace efficiently. Stress does get created due to exertion at home, exhaustion while commuting, pressures and tensions at workplace and so on.

A good family and a supportive husband can help a wife to de-stress and be in good spirits and health. Women’s mental agitation and restlessness will be half reduced if they receive co-operation and support of a husband. A husband who shows understanding, empathy, doesn’t crib about minor issues and offers his support and strength can help women to de-stress to a large extent.

A husband must not be a figure of threat or insecurity to the wife. They should not feel pressured by the husband; it should not be the husband’s mood swings, temper or anger that motivates her to contribute to the household work. It should be the feeling of affection, bonding and love. Work done with this attitude and such feelings will not be stressful.

Relieving the wife from certain household chores and helping her to release time for herself will be a great help. Husbands should avoid insisting on women to do all the household work. Either they should be equal participants in the work or engage a help so that women are not physically and mentally drained by work.

Plan surprises for your wife. Take her to a show, a theatre performance, an orchestra, a surprise dinner and show that you care and bother about her well being and happiness. Give her the weekend off and let her have her own leisurely time following her hobbies, spending time reading novels, watching movies, listening to music etc.

Encourage her social life by allowing her to catch up with friends or relatives. Take her to shopping on a weekend or surprise her with gifts or flowers. Giving her a break by taking her to an outing or resort with good service and facilities will be a welcome relief.

Most importantly love, intimacy and affection will help women recover or deal better with stress. Showing these feelings to women makes them feel strengthen, secured, relaxed and carefree. This lightens their heart and mind and reduces stress.

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