Handling a Stingy Husband

A partner who is stingy about spending money can be vexing and irritating for a wife. If the wife is financially independent and earns for herself, the problem may not be too imposing. However, a wife having no earnings of her own can find it difficult to cope with such a husband.

A stingy and money-controlling husband makes it difficult for the wife to spend money according to her own discretion. The husband may just provide enough money for handling the house, and the wife is left with no money if she needs to buy something for herself.

It is better to sort out the financial arrangement between both of you so that there is no conflict later on. For example, if you are an earning wife, decide how much of your salary will be contributed to the home and how much you need to keep with yourself.

While it is a good idea to operate joint bank accounts, if possible, have your own account or cash deposits so that you do not entirely depend on your husband for meeting your monetary needs.

Dependent wives can arrange for a certain amount to be given to them, say at the beginning of every month. Fix this amount keeping in mind the money you need for household expenses and also for yourself. If you find the money given insufficient, make it a point to tell your husband.

By making an arrangement like this, you may not have to face the hesitation or embarrassment at having to ask your husband for money.

Don’t be neutral regarding money matters. Know the banking transactions, deposits in various sources, investments etc so that you can have a say in money matters.

Do not be in a subservient position. Negotiate for your needs as well.

Earmark a certain sum of money for yourself. Do not make it a habit to give penny-wise detail of your expenses to your husband, unless the money is really substantial.