Fear of Death

Death may be a harsh and crude fact to deal with. The suddenness and threat of death can create tension and anxiety. The thought of losing a near and dear one can create a feeling of insecurity, fear, helplessness and panicky behavior.

Panic may overtake a person if the loved one does not come home on time, does not receive the call, is not able to get in touch out of any reason, is away from home etc.

The fear of death may be due to the fear that the person will longer be with us, or about the pain and suffering the person may have to face at the time of death. The fear of not being able to think of a life without the loved one can create tension and panic.

Thoughts about  death can lead to hopelessness with life, pessimism, negative attitude, over cautious behavior, panicking easily, getting startled easily, always being on alert, insecurity and anxiety due to the looming threat of death.

Overcoming such fears are important so that we are not obsessed with the thoughts of death, disease and end of life, and are able to live a happy, tension-free and fulfilling life. Thinking of death can lead to mental disturbance, depression, anxiety and stress.

Accept that death is the inevitable end. Death will come at the appointed time and place; there is not much that you can do to alter this fact.

Whilst you are alive, make the best of your living and the people you care about. Lead a life that is satisfying, full of fun and enjoyment, love and affection. Do not be preoccupied by thoughts of death.  Focus more on living.

Developing your spirituality may be helpful. By establishing a connection with the universe and spiritual powers, the fear and insecurity can be replaced by hope and faith. By developing a broader vision and understanding of the human life cycle, the fact of death may not appear so harsh.

Pray for your and everybody’s well being and leave the rest to destiny, God or whichever force you believe in.