Dissatisfied with Life?

Dissatisfaction is a grave condition that many of us go through. The minutest of things can cause dissatisfaction, upset, disappointment and feeling of frustration and unhappiness. Not to mention things/problems that have larger implications. Dissatisfaction can be on account of personal reasons or professional reasons.

Some of us may be dissatisfied with the career we have, the profile of work we are being allotted, unhappy with the colleagues and boss that we have, the nature of the work, monetary benefits and so on. Some of us may feel sour about the kind of lifestyle we have, the dullness and monotony of daily life, conflicts in the household, never ending problems, too many responsibilities, conflicts in relationships etc.

Dissatisfaction is a grave emotion as it impacts the basic essence of living. It destroys the inner motivation and enthusiasm that a person has, the spirit of living life to the best, exploring the world, filling yourself with positive spirit and energy. Dissatisfaction has a peculiar way of dragging people into a deep dark pit that is difficult to overcome.

Temporary dissatisfaction can still be manageable as there is hope for improvement and gratification of desires. However, dissatisfaction for a prolonged duration creates a kind of helplessness, hopelessness that things will not change and can create frustration, boredom and depressive feelings. A person may lose his/her self confidence, value, worth and may develop a very pessimistic attitude towards life.

If you are dissatisfied, do something about it. Brooding over it, complaining, cribbing will not help. Rather think of ways to address the reasons why you feel dissatisfied. Do not get stuck in this feeling and resign yourself to the circumstance. Make an effort to change it. This desire to work towards your goal, your aim, will instill new interest, enthusiasm and motivation in your life.

Do not value only the end result of your efforts; enjoy the process of reaching your goals too.