Developing a Healthy Mind

Our mind is the most powerful and yet underutilized part of our body.  Our mind can make our life more productive and happy if it is channelized towards happy and positive thoughts.

A person may be physically healthy, however, without a healthy mind, he/she may not live a fulfilling and happy life. Taking care of the thoughts that enter your mind and controlling it is essential to survive the daily stress, pressures, tension and anxiety the mind goes through.

To keep the mind healthy, we need to replenish the mind with relaxation and exercises just as we replenish the body with food, sleep and exercises.

Disciplining the mind is imperative so that you can control the kind of thoughts that enter your mind.  Negative thoughts, worry, anxiety, unrealistic ideas and brooding can exhaust the mind, and make it dull and inactive.

You can follow certain exercises to control the flow of thoughts.  Improve concentration by making your mind focus at one particular object.  This helps in calming the mind.  Meditation is one such activity you can pursue.

You can also repeat a chant or spiritual mantra and focus your mind on it.  Chants not only provide relaxation but also generate positive energy and help in defeating fear and insecurity.

Yoga exercises can also help the mind.  When you focus your attention on a symbol or object, you lose track of other thoughts and issues that distress the mind and deplete mental energy.

Sleeping is also a natural and easy way of relaxing the mind.  You can also rejuvenate your mind instantly by a power nap of 15-20 minutes.  It generates a very relaxed and stress free feeling.  A relaxed mind is active and quick.

To develop a healthy mind, you also need to make a conscious effort to block out negative ideas and thoughts about yourself or others.  Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones and repeat it several times with conviction.