Dealing with Depression after Retirement

After being in work for most part of one’s life coping with retirement become quite challenging. One may look forward to retirement and freedom from the demanding work schedule. But the question is – Does retirement actually make someone really happy?

Being engaged in meaningful work and being into a routine for so many years the retired person suddenly gets lot of time for himself. Initially he may feel relaxed, stress free and enjoy his free time. But a time comes when certain negative thoughts creep into his mind.

Suddenly he feels the family and society has no need for him; pension may not amount to the level of his prior income. Grown up kids may not consult him when taking decisions and that adds to his agony. He no longer feels useful for anybody anymore.

The emerging changes in socio cultural values make him feel like a misfit. Family members are busy and may not have time for them. And to top it all many of them may be subject to some sort of geriatric physical illness. Therefore, the retired person goes into abject depression thus becoming more physically morbid.

Family members are the ones who can empathize most. They need to be assured that their value can never decrease but increase with experience. They should be involved into meaningful work, which may not be stressful but helpful enough to engage them happily.

They can be stimulated to pursue some passion they could never get time for during their busy work schedule. Their work experience can be used meaningfully by the young people to excel in their careers. Social circles are very helpful; they need to spend time with other retired persons to share their feelings and fears.

If their physical and financial conditions permit this is the time to actually enjoy life. The kids have grown up and settled. Hence this is the right time to go explore around and have fun with one’s spouse. During younger years one may not have had the time for loved ones or even for himself.

This is the time to enjoy one’s freedom without feeling the pressure of responsibilities. One must remember that self help is the best help and one shouldn’t be reluctant to pamper himself after retirement. After all he worked hard to give best facilities and comforts to his family, now it is his time to enjoy life!